Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Birding at TG Halli

Last weekend I thought of going to Savandurga but because of some reasons had to abandon it. Instead I went to checkout the TG Halli lake again.

The drive was very pleasant. This time there was only a single boat in the lake. Not many people around. Even the waterbirds were very less. All I saw was few Egrets, One painted stork, few sandpipers and Little ringed plover. But the best thing was there were lot of swallows. I got to get some good shots of the swallows. They look like red rumped swallow.

Also I saw another sandpiper which i'm not sure of the ID. Any help with the ID will be greatly appreciated. It looks like Terek Sandpiper though but not sure.

And I got to see my first Male Kestrel here. But could not get good photographs him. Same case with Yellow wagtails, they flew away before I could lift my camera. I took too much time in getting their details correct.

When walking through the thick Eucalyptus vegetation one bird flew away which looked like Grey Francoling but I'm not sure of it though.

All in all a good outing in the morning.

                                                                    Plain Prinia

                                                                        Brahminy Kite

                                                                      Paddyfield Pippit

                                                                       Common Kestrel(Male)

                                                                      Swallow Family

                                                                  Terek Sandpipers?

                                                                     Little Ringed Plovers

                                                                  Common Sandpiper

                                             This temple gets submerged during rainy season

                                                                  Grey Breasted Prinia

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