Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thattekere, Gattalu Kere and Harohalli Kere

After seeing some of the photographs of Thattekere online I decided to checkout the place myself. I asked my wife if she is willing to join me for which she agreed. So we decided to wake up at around 5AM and start towards the place.

On Sunday we woke up early as planned packed our food and water and started our journey towards thattekere. The route we chose was through Ragihalli. Since we would be entering a part of Bannerghatta Nationa park we decided we will go slow and make sure we enter the national park area only when there is enough light to avoid any surprises. I was hoping to see some guards near the checkposts but I did not see any.

By the time we reached Ragihalli area we had already seen good number of birds. On the way we made sure not to get down or take breaks inside the national area but we did stopped at couple of place to click some photographs without getting down. The drive through this area is beautiful. Not many vehicle is seen and even not many people around.

On multiple enquires regarding the direction to Thattekere we found the destination after some struggle. We reached the place around 8:30AM. Near Mahadeshwara temple there I could see some people gathered for some ceremony. Even near the lake there were people. Its a beautiful lake which has not been polluted yet. I hope it stays like this for long. On enquiring few locals I was told Elephants do come down to the lake for water in the mornings. We did not spend much time here since it was part of BNP.

From thattekere we decided to head towards Gattalu Kere which is on the way to Harohalli. I was hoping to see some water in the area but there was none. Even the bird activity was very less. But I was very happy to see a good number of Grey Wagtails which were feeding there. I could see atleast 80+ wagtails there. Also found good number of Ashy crowned Sparrow Lark there. After having breakfast their we headed towards Harohalli to check if I can find more birds there.

It did not surprise me to see lot of activity in the Harohalli lake area. There were Ibis, Coots, Jacanas and Herons in plenty. All in all a wonderful Sunday trip.

We were back home by 1PM.

List of Birds seen during the trip.

1. Pied Bushchat
2. Indian Robin
3. Small Minivet
4. Green Bea Eater
5. Purple Rumped Sunbird
6. Purple Sunbird
7. Paddyfield Pippit
8. Indian Roller
9. White Throated Kingfisher
10. Indian Cormorant
11. Great Coromorant
12. Cattle Egret
13. Little Egret
14. Median Egret
15. Bay Backed Shrike
16. Long Tailed Shrike
17. Brown Shrike
18. White Browed Wagtail
19. Grey Wagtail
20. Ashy Prinia
21. Plain Prinia
22. Yellow Billed Babbler
23. Jungle Babbler
24. Red Rumped Swallow
25. Black Drongo
26. Ashy Drongo
27. Golden Oriole
28. Sparrow
29. Rose Ringed Parakeet
30. Common Myna
31. Crow
32. Purple Moorehen
33. Pond Heron
34. Grey Heron
35. Purple Heron
36. Common Hoopoe
37. Scaly Breasted Munia
38. Red Wattled Lapwing
39. Black Ibis
40. Black Headed Ibis
41. White Cheeked Barbet
42. Red Vented Bulbul
43. White Browed Bulbul
44. Spotted Dove
45. Laughing Dove
46. Black Kite
47. Brahminy Kite
48. Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark
49. Common Tailor bird
50. Rock Pigeon
51. Indian Silverbill
52. Bronze Winged Jacana
53. Eurasian Coot
54. Rosy Starling
55. Jungle Prinia

                                                                 Small Minivet(Female)

                                                                           Golden Oriole

                                                                 Rosy Starlings?

                                                                     Indian BushLark?

                                                                  Scaly Breasted Munia

                                                                          Plain Prinia

                                                                           ID? (Some kind of Cuckooo)

                                                                   Red Rumped Swallow

                                                                  Laughing Dove

                                                                Common Hoopoe

                                                                   Brahminy Kite

                                                                    Indian Roller

                                                                    Black Kite?

                                                               White Browed Bulbul


                                                                  Ashy Crowned Sparrow Lark

                                                                  Grey Wagtail

                                                                       Red Wattled Lapwing  

                                                               Rose Ringed Parakeet


                                                                   Jungle Prinia

                                                                 Black Headed Ibis

                                                                      Grey Heron

                                                            Bronze Winged Jacana(Immature)

                                                        Bronze Winged Jacana(Adult)

                                                                   Purple Moorehen

                                                                   Eurasian Coot



  1. Nice pics. The unidentified bird resembles a cuckooshrike.

    1. Thank Arun. Even for me it does look like that. Thanks for the information.