Monday, April 21, 2014

Photographing Red Rumped Swallow and Purple Sunbird

Couple of weeks back Raghu and myself decided to go for a birding walk. This time we decided to take the route which we had not explored before. We took the Kanakpura road and took a left which goes to TK falls. En route we stopped at a place where we saw couple of Red Rumped Swallows very close to the road.

They were collecting mud from the small water pool which was formed on the road. It was interesting to watch the number of times they came back and forth to collect the mud. They would take a small break and resume the activity again. We spent our entire morning watching these birds which a very good experience in itself.

This was the first time seeing this bird up close and needless to say that these are the best photographs I have taken of this bird.

Meanwhile we saw Oriental Honey Buzzard fly across. I was kind of lucky since my camera was almost able to latch onto the focus. I haven't taken a better photograph than this of any bird in flight except may be Kestrel and Pied kingfisher when they were hovering :-)

And then came photographing Purple Sunbirds. We could see these birds in good numbers where we were photographing the swallows. At last I was able to manage few decent photographs of Purple Sunbird(Male). One of the birds which I find extremely difficult to meter because of its color.


  1. Wow.. loved the swallows :-)

  2. Dear Sir,
    The photos of the red rumped swallows are spectacular.
    I am a bird photographer from Kolkata. I am here in Bangalore for a few weeks. Could you please suggest a few places I could visit for photographing birds? Any help would be much appreciated.


    1. Thank you Rahul. I usually do birding in Valley school and Shivanahalli area. Both are good places for birding. You can try Hesarghatta as well which is supposed to be good place to photograph raptors.

    2. Sir, thanks a lot for the information. Do you have any plans of visiting these places this weekend? I would like to come along if you dont mind. Or, maybe if you could help me with driving locations, that too would be very helpful! I am new here, hence all the trouble. Also, would TG Halli reservoir be worth visiting?

      Thanks and regards.

    3. I am planning to visit hesaraghatta and TG Halli sometime this week. If you are interested, please let me know. My number is 09874825242.