Friday, September 21, 2012

Birding(Begur Lake)


This Wednesday I decided to visit the Begur Lake again. This time early in the morning. Below are the photos taken during the bird outing.

Early in the mornings there is lot of bird activity as well as Human activity near the lake. It was sad to see lot of people coming here for their daily natural call. It was difficult to walk around the lake before bumping into someone.

Left the lake and decided to visit it a little later. I left and went back at 9AM. This time around people were visiting the lake but not for nature call but to wash their trucks,clothes and bathing.

I was fortunate to see lot of birds around the area.

                                                                        Black Kite

Baya Weaver(Male)

                                                                           Ashy Prinia

                                                                 Paddy Field Pippit (I guess)

                                                          Painted Storks
                                                           Spot Billed Ducks                      

                                                           Bird congregation in the lake

                                                                    Little Egret

                                                                    Pied Kingfisher

                                                                         Pied Kingfisher

                                                                Pied Bushchat

                                                                Purple Heron
                                                         Common Sandpiper

                                                                    Grey Heron
                                                                        Grey Heron      

                                                               Zitting Cisticola


                                                                      Ashy Prinia


  1. Wow.. that image of the purple heron with its wings spread is really nice!! :)
    The unknown ducks are 'Spot-billed Ducks'

    Angad Achappa
    Indian Wildlife Photography

  2. Enjoyed the write up and images.

    +1 with Angad on the duck ID, the other one is a juvenile bushchat

  3. Thanks Angad and Hayath for the ID.